Child Resistant Pouches

Child Resistant Pouches

  • Child resistance bag resealable bags for packaging

    Child resistance bag resealable bags for packaging

    Bag style:Child resistance bag

    Child resistance bag is a special bag for protect children’s safe.The zipper lock on the top of the bag can achieve a sealing function to extend the shelf life of the product and avoid contamination.Child resistance bags are widely used in food and medicine packaging which including pet food bags, coffee bags,tea bags,chocolate bags, candy bags,dry fruit bags,snacks bags,spice bags, cookie bags,bread bags,cannabis bags,drug bags and so on.

    Child resistance bag usually make by mylar which laminated by PET/VMPET/PE.Mylar can block UV light, so that the product is not affected by UV interference caused by deterioration, and the packaging material is made of non-toxic chemicals. These functions help to retain the quality of products, especially pharmaceuticals, for as long as possible.


  • Child resistance resealable smell proof bags

    Child resistance resealable smell proof bags

    Bag style:Child resistance bag

    Our child resistance bags are made of a high-quality material- Mylar.The material is laminated with PET/VMPET/PE for durability and tear resistance.Childproof bag is ability to block harmful UV rays.The mylar material used in the bag effectively protects your products from UV rays that can cause spoilage.This is especially important for light-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and certain foods.By protecting against UV rays, our bags help preserve the quality of your produce for as long as possible.

    Safety is paramount when dealing with products that may be harmful if ingested, especially for young children.Our childproof bags are specially designed with childproof features for extra protection. These bags are difficult for children to open without adult assistance, reducing the risk of accidental ingestion or exposure to potentially harmful products.



  • Child resistance plastic bags for packing

    Child resistance plastic bags for packing

    Bag style:Child resistance bag

    Child resistant bags are made from non-toxic materials.We understand the importance of keeping your products safe,especially when they are intended for consumer use.By using non-toxic chemicals in the production of our packaging materials,we give you peace of mind knowing your products will remain safe and free from contamination.

    The versatility of our childproof bags makes them ideal for a wide range of industries. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical,food or chemical industry,our bags can accommodate a wide variety of product sizes and shapes.The high quality materials used in its construction ensure that your product is protected from external elements such as moisture,oxygen and light.



  • Food packaging bags with child resistance zipper

    Food packaging bags with child resistance zipper

    Bag style:Child resistance bag

    One of the most important aspects of food packaging is to ensure product safety.Leakage and moisture are common problems in food packaging. But with CR-004 resistance bag, you can bid farewell to these troubles.The design of these bags is leak proof and moisture proof,ensuring that your food is intact and free from contamination.Say goodbye to messy spills and greet accessible packaging.

    Convenience is another key feature of corrosion-resistant bag CR-004.The resealable design allows easy opening and closing without the need for additional packaging accessories such as clips or Rubber band.This user-friendly feature not only saves time, but also ensures that your food stays fresh for a longer time. Whether your products are coffee, tea, sugar, candy, rice, flour, fruit, biscuits, bread, spices, sauce, milk, juice, Pet food, snacks or frozen food, you can choose corrosion resistant bag as the packaging.