1kg plastic packaging bag for coffee bean


1kg plastic packaging bag for coffee bean

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Bag style:Gusset pouch

The innovative gusset bag is your best choice.This flexible packaging marvel takes into account the needs and desires of the modern consumer, ensuring a superior user experience while maintaining the freshness and quality of the various products.

At the heart of this remarkable bag is its unique design for added capacity and flexibility. The gusseted sides provide additional room, allowing the bag to expand and hold greater quantities of product while maintaining shape and stability.Whether you need to store food, pet treats,or personal care products,the Gusset Bag provides the perfect packaging solution.

While the gusset bag is ideal for a wide range of products,it is especially good when it comes to packaging coffee beans.We understand the importance of preserving the aromatic characteristics of coffee beans by protecting them from exposure to air and moisture.To solve this problem, our coffee bean gusset bags are equipped with an extra valve.This innovative ingredient allows excess carbon dioxide to escape while keeping oxygen out, ensuring your beans stay roasted fresh and great.

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Middle Seal Gusset Pouch

Product Name

1kg plastic packaging bag for coffee bean

HS Code

392 321 0000

Bag Size

1kg / Customized


5000 PCS, depends on bag size

Stock Sample


Custom Sample

Hand make free,Machine make:$600 per style



Material PET/VMPET/PE,Customized
Surface Handling

Gravure Printing, Colors or High Transparent Plastic Bags


Zipper,Air outlet valve.


Coffee bean


1.Safety food grade material & ink.

2.Pressure resistance.

3.Leak proof and moisture proof.

4.Reclose and easy to open.

5.Large capacity.

Product Details


How to Measure

avabg (2)

For Example:4 inch*7 inch*5 inch
Total Width=4 inch
Total Height=7 inch
Bottom Gusset=(2.5+2.5)=5 inch

A=Front side
B=Bottom seal area
C=Side gusset
D=Top open
E=Back side
F=Central seal area

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