Flexible Packaging Machine in Huihua


1250-300 High-Speed Printing Machine

High-speed printing machine use gravure printing technology. It has the function of reverse printing and transfer laser automatic overprinting.It can print max colors up to 11. One single machine can print one color. Multiple colors can be completed successively by one machine after another. The printing machine has a limit of printing size. It cannot print beyond the maximum size and minimum size which specified by the machine. The maximum length should be 1250mm, the minimum length should be 400mm,the maximum perimeter should be 950mm, the minimum perimeter should be 370mm. High-performance production equipment, rigorous production process and perfect quality management, Provide strong and reliable quality assurance for high-quality product production.

High-Speed Automatic Inspection Machines

It is suitable for reel film, reel paper product printing, coating defects inspection, foreign body inspection, but also for other edge circumference rewinding of reel material. The inspection machine provide quality production for subsequent processes. Effectively improve enterprise production efficiency and control product production costs, and provide customers with high-efficiency and high-quality products.


High-Speed Dry-Lamination and Solventless Lamination Machines

The working principle of dry lamination machine is the dry lamination process, that is, after gluing the solvent in the glue liquid through heating exhaust method to make it fully dry, and then in the "dry" condition of the lamination.

The solventless lamination machine is mainly composed of two unwinding device, gluing device and pressing device. The whole equipment is simple in structure, with a total length of 4-5 meters. Because the key part of the solvent-free compounding machine is the gluing part.

High-Speed Automatic Slitting Machine

It is suitable for a variety of materials, multiple high-speed automatic slitting machines, slitting workshop.Simple operation control panel, advanced three-stage search and count, to ensure the accuracy of the coiling length.After the winding operation is completed, the two shafts are automatically exchanged, which is easy to operate and efficient.


Advanced Multifunctional Automatic Bag Making Machines

The Automatic bag making machine can automatically complete the bag making, sealing and cutting process, effectively improve the efficiency and quality of bag making. Fully meets the bag making process of various packaging materials, with convenient operation and high degree of automation.Suitable for the most kind of materials, effectively improve product benefits and control product costs.

Post time: Jun-12-2023