The Introduction of Recyclable Bags

In order to upgrade our products and cater to the concept of environmental protection and food safety.Guangdong Huihua Packaging Co., Ltd have introduced recyclable bags since 2018. Huihua packaging is the first professional manufacturer to try recyclable material and finally success after many times test through our efforts.Our Annual supply up to tens of millions pieces.One of our biggest partner in USA have replace traditional material to recyclable materials for Wal-mart store’s packaging.

More and more people are aware of the importance of environmental protection.Green packaging bag is the trend of the world packaging industry.That is why recyclable material are use in packaging bag by us.Recyclable bags are an eco-friendly packaging that can be reused to help us reduce damage to the environment. They are made of high quality materials, which are resistant to water, durable, wear-resistant, and effectively protect items from moisture, insects, dust and other pollution.It has the characteristics of saving resources, saving space and easy to carry.

It is well known that packaging bag has the function of protecting and promoting food.What’s more food safety is also a global concern.Flexible packaging bags are widely apply to food industry.Such as snacks,pet food,fruit,coffee and tea.These are mass consumer goods that are closely related to our lives.To realize its sustainable development has become a major problem facing packaging company.Recyclable bags have become a irreversible trend which will be replace by most traditional plastic bags in the near future.

Huihua packaging is standing at the forefront of the flexible packaging industry.The company has the responsibility and obligation to provide more friendly packaging products for the market.At the same time,to set a good example for the packaging industry,develop product standards and provide technical support if necessary.At present,research and development of green packaging has become the goal of us.


Post time: Jun-12-2023